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Supply Chain Management
de Sunil Chopra et Peter Meindl

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For advanced undergraduate and MBA courses in Supply Chain Management. This text brings together the strategic role of the supply chain, key strategic drivers of supply chain performance, and the tools and techniques for supply chain analysis.

Every chapter gives suggestions that managers can use in practice and all methodologies are illustrated with an application in Excel.


Strategic Supply Chain Management: The Five Disciplines for Top Performance
de Shoshanah Cohen et Joseph Roussel

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Agile, strategic supply chain management is a key competitive necessity in today's no-room-for-error business arena. And few organizations have acquired more knowledge--and demonstrated better results--than the team at global management consultancy Pittiglio, Rabin, Todd, and McGrath (PRTM).

In the breakthrough reference Strategic Supply Chain Management, two of PRTM's leading consultants in this practice explain everything that corporate decision-makers need to know to create value and competitive advantage from their supply chains.

Shoshanah Cohen, C.F.P.I.M. (Mountain View, CA) and Joseph Roussel (France) are two leaders in PRTM’s Worldwide Supply Chain Practice. PRTM was founded in 1976 and has focused on operations and supply chain management from its earliest days.



Living Supply Chains: How to Mobilize the Enterprise Around Delivering What Your Customers Want
de John Gattorna

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J. Sainsbury recently lost share in the market by failing with their supply chain. Wal-mart and Dell won in the market by getting theirs right. Smart supply chains can be decisive.

In the J Sainsbury debacle, there was nothing wrong with the strategy, except no one thought to check if the personnel in the company were capable of delivering such complex and sophisticated plan within such a short timeframe, and they are paying the price now. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated example - it is happening every day.

Living Supply Chains is unique in looking beyond the systems and technology of your company, to developing the role of people and behaviour in placing customer-focused supply chains at the heart of their enterprise.

Based on John Gattorna’s empirical research, Living Supply Chains shows you how to drive the design and management of your supply chains by starting with your customers and understanding their ‘dominant buying behaviours’. In most cases, only 3 or 4 of these will be ‘dominant’ and should then be ‘hardwired’ into the organization’s selling approaches, performance indicators and logistics operations.

With ‘quick’ diagnostics and guidelines executives can use to rapidly identify and close performance gaps, logistics and supply chain management can finally move from the hands of the functional specialists, to the executives. Analysts and shareholders alike have recognized that taking back control of this vital area of business will have the most fundamental impact on future share price performance.



Logistics and Supply Chain Management
de Martin Christopher

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Logistics management is increasingly being seen as a source of competitive strength. Its effective use provides potential for cost reduction and the opportunity for increasing market share. The second edition discusses the role of logistics in achieving corporate and financial goals. Updated and expanded with more checklists, more short cases and executive summaries, this is an invaluable guide for all logistics and distribution managers.

The real-world guide to using logistics to maximize customer service and competitive performance!

Improve flexibility and eliminate obstacles throughout your supply chain.

Create logistics strategies that align with marketing objective, and use service levels to segment your customer base.

Detailed case studies, quick-read executive summaries, and practical checklists.

In this readable, practical update to the global logistics best seller, one of the world's leading logistics experts demonstrates real-world logistics and supply chain techniques for dramatically improving your corporate performance, lowering your costs, and delighting your customers. Concise, hands-on, and business focused, Logistics and Supply Chain Management addresses every key logistics issue impacting your competitiveness.

Martin Christopher introduces best-practices processes for using service levels to segment markets, auditing logistics systems, and much more. Christopher demonstrates how to create logistics strategies that align with marketing objectives; improve flexibility throughout the supply chain; break down obstacles between functional departments, and reduce costs while at the same time enhancing customer service. Logistics and Supply Chain Management includes detailed case studies, quick-read executive summaries, and practical checklists—all designed to help any manager improve any supply chain, fast.



Operations and Supply Chain Management
de F.Robert Jacobs et Richard B. Chase

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Operations and Supply Chain Management, as the title indicates, provides increased emphasis on supply chain management in the 13th Edition. The 13th Edition continues its market leading up-to-date coverage of service operations as well. The text includes solved examples and problems, enough cases for MBA courses to use without supplementing, and the industry leading technology support suite.

McGraw-Hill authors represent the leading experts in their fields and are dedicated to improving the lives, careers, and interests of readers worldwide

Richard B. Chase is Director of the Center for Operations Management Research and Education at USC. He is widely published in both books and academic journals and is considered one of the top service "gurus" in the field. He is on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Operations Management, an Advisor to Production and Operations Management journal, and a Fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute.


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